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From Paris To Orbit: France’s New Space Strategy « Breaking Defense

The French CSO-1 reconnaissance satellite launching on a Russian-built Soyuz rocket With the landmark CSO-1 satellite launch December 19th and a new space strategy out soon, the French government is finally stepping up in space. A French-led, Europe-wide effort to modernize space capabilities had been announced in 2010, but it …

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A cosmic collision may be coming for our galaxy sooner than we thought

Large Magellanic Cloud

The Large Magellanic Cloud looks set to collide with our galaxyNASA By Leah Crane The Milky Way is facing a violent path towards normalcy. A new simulation predicts that our galaxy will collide with the nearby Large Magellanic Cloud in about 2.4 billion years, a smashup that will actually make …

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This Year SpaceX Made Us All Believe in Reusable Rockets

At the beginning of 2018, Elon Musk predicted that SpaceX would pull off 30 launches. The goal seemed far-fetched; among other reasons, some of those flights were planned for the Falcon Heavy, which at the time had yet to fly. Indeed, the company didn’t hit that figure. But the 21 …

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NASA’s New Horizons Probe Prepares To Make History—Again

Way, way out at the cold, dark edges of the solar system—past the rocky inner planets, beyond the gas giants, a billion miles more remote than Pluto—drifts a tiny frozen world so mysterious, scientists still aren’t entirely sure if it’s one world or two. Astronomers call it Ultima Thule, an …

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50 Years Ago, Earthrise Gave Us the View of a Lifetime

Half a century ago, astronauts aboard NASA’s Apollo 8 mission become the first humans to leave low Earth orbit, traverse the 240,000 miles separating our planet from its moon, and loop around that natural satellite to look upon its forever-hidden far side (not dark side) with their own eyes. The …

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SpaceX launches first U.S. national security space mission By Reuters

© Reuters. FILE PHOTO: The SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, scheduled to launch a U.S. Air Force navigation satellite, sits on Launch Complex 40 after the launch was postponed after an abort procedure was triggered by the onboard flight computer, at Cape Canaveral By Joseph Ax (Reuters) – A SpaceX rocket …

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NASA probe will hurtle past the most distant object we’ve ever visited

Close encounter

Close encounterNASA/JPL/JHUAPL By Leah Crane NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft is about to fly past the most distant space rock we have ever visited. Since zooming by Pluto in 2015, the probe has been heading ever further from home, towards a tiny world called 2014 MU69. It is set to arrive on New …

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Space Force Will Have Seat On Joint Chiefs, Not Full Independence; Costs TBD « Breaking Defense

PENTAGON: The Air Force has eked out a victory in the Pentagon’s latest proposal for a Space Force. While many in the Air Force would prefer to keep their current preeminent role in space operations and not create a new service at all, the current plan — to be submitted …

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