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Chinese buying interest has surged in recent years

Prachanart Viriyaraks | Getty Images The Wat Saket (Golden Mountain) and Bangkok Grand Palace in Bangkok, Thailand. Chinese investors have continued pouring their money into Thailand’s property sector even as the kingdom barrels toward an uncertain national election. That underscores the Southeast Asian nation’s enduring popularity with the Chinese — …

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An internet split between China and USA

“It’s (China) arguably ahead of U.S. in some areas behind in others, maybe neck and neck. But at the current trajectory, China will probably be ahead of U.S. in five years,” Lee said. “China has more data, more users, more usage per data. And there’s very pro-AI government policies. So …

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If forced to choose, most countries will pick US over China: Expert

That means businesses, as well, may have to decide on which side they choose to align themselves, the co-founder of billion-dollar tech company Tradeshift told CNBC last month. Countries neighboring China — many of which are small — may not want to antagonized Beijing, Howie said, but many people feel …

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Dams may risk economic damage

Ladders, according to Goichot, are costly and only suited to fish with the right swimming ability. “With the Mekong’s diverse number of species, we simply don’t know if all fish will be able to pass through the ladder,” he said. “Colombia’s had the most success with fish ladders for about …

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