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An internet split between China and USA

“It’s (China) arguably ahead of U.S. in some areas behind in others, maybe neck and neck. But at the current trajectory, China will probably be ahead of U.S. in five years,” Lee said. “China has more data, more users, more usage per data. And there’s very pro-AI government policies. So …

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Cramer reveals some of his favorite Dow stocks for 2019

The Dow’s top five stocks for the end of 2018 were a defensive group: consumer products giant Procter & Gamble, drugmaker Merck, fast-food chain McDonald’s, telecommunications play Verizon and soft-drink maker Coca-Cola. “Classic slowdown stock” Procter & Gamble took first place with a 10 percent gain, a troubling sign for …

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China denies economic espionage charges from US, allies

China’s Foreign Ministry said on Friday it is resolutely opposed to accusations from the United States and other allies criticizing China for economic espionage, urging Washington to withdraw its accusations. The United States should also withdraw charges against two Chinese citizens, the ministry said, adding that China had never participated …

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AWS is launching on-premises database software with VMware

Amazon Web Services has emerged as a dominant force in cloud computing by hosting other companies’ technology infrastructure in its massive data centers. But AWS is also rolling out services for companies that do it the old way. On Monday, Amazon and VMware introduced a version of Amazon’s cloud-based database …

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Doctors warn on the pace of technological change

Vahdat said that one area in which AI could be hugely beneficial in improving efficiency and cutting costs was cardiological care. “If we collect data in real time and combine it with their historical data as well as data from millions of similar patients, an intelligent system could predict a …

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