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Budget Busters: What to Look For in 2019 and Beyond « Breaking Defense

WASHINGTON: If there’s one complaint that has sounded a consistent across the Joint Chiefs and Pentagon leadership in recent years, it has been the lack of predictability in year-to-year funding. If there’s one thing we have learned about President Trump, it’s that nothing is certain until the very end. And …

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$750 Billion Or Bust? Trump’s (Latest) Big Defense Budget Bound For Big Fights « Breaking Defense

President Trump with his choice to be the next Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, Gen. Mark Milley WASHINGTON: Whatever the national defense budget finally looks like for 2020 — and the Trump administration has now floated three wildly different toplines in less than three months — one thing is painfully clear: …

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Navy To Trump: ‘Don’t Knock Us Over’ With Budget Cuts « Breaking Defense

Navy Secretary Richard V. Spencer speaks to sailors aboard the Littoral Combat Ship USS Giffords. WASHINGTON: Joining his boss, Jim Mattis, in revolt, Navy Secretary Richard Spencer publicly begged the White House not to cut $33 billion from the Pentagon’s defense request for 2020 as President Trump has ordered. With budget …

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Show Me The Money: What’s Missing From The National Defense Strategy « Breaking Defense

F-35 production line The Trump Administration’s 2018 National Defense Strategy was remarkable for its candor in identifying China and Russia as America’s chief “strategic competitors.” But unlike earlier, relatively anodyne strategy documents from the Obama Administration, the 2018 strategy didn’t specify the forces required, let alone how much they might …

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Disaster Averted – For Now: The Trump Pentagon In 2018 « Breaking Defense

The Trump Administration managed to avoid starting wars or crippling NATO in fiscal year 2018, writes CSIS scholar Kathleen Hicks in this op-ed, but as we stagger into 2019, the fates of Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, his National Defense Strategy, and the Pentagon budget remain alarmingly uncertain. We continue our …

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CSIS Calls BS On USAF: 386 Squadrons, $13B Space Force Are Guesswork « Breaking Defense

CENTER FOR STRATEGIC & INTERNATIONAL STUDIES: The Air Force threw out two big numbers this week, but one of Washington’s leading budget analysts doesn’t think either of them is credible. Todd Harrison One is the service’s unsolicited estimate that President Trump’s plan to create an independent Space Force – largely …

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