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Mindfulness Matters in Marriage — and Roller-Skating

Are you are wondering what marriage and roller-skating have in common? Roller-skating is only for kids, right? No. And married people are adults? Most of the time, but not always. I’ve been roller-skating for decades as an adult. In my personal life and in my work as a therapist, I’ve noticed …

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A Therapist Reveals the Surprising Truth about Older Men Marrying Younger Women

Aspen Colorado is a playground for many billionaires and celebrities. Also, the surrounding towns are full of “young for their age” fit and attractive mountain men. And so, as a therapist in the area, I have counseled a large number of heterosexual couples with a significant age gap between them. …

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Advice from a Dating Therapist

In the United States, as of April of 2017, 19% of people are using online dating or dating apps, and 84% of those people are looking for a romantic relationship. The dating industry brought in over 3 billion dollars in 2017, with the Match.com app bringing in 2.1 million dollars …

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