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Friedlieb Ferdinand Runge, the godfather of caffeine

Friedlieb Ferdinand Runge

Friedlieb Ferdinand Runge’s contributions to chemistry are often overlookedullstein bild via Getty Images By Sam Wong Friedlieb Ferdinand Runge, who is celebrated in today’s Google doodle, was the discoverer of caffeine and the first person to isolate quinine, but his contribution to chemistry is often overlooked. He also invented paper …

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The Astonishing Origin of Garnets in Rhyolite

It’s not uncommon to find round, deep red garnet crystals embedded like pomegranate seeds in metamorphic rocks. It’s easy to see why garnets took their name from the Latin word for “seed-like.” When we think garnet, most of us think of those dark scarlet stones. But they can be any …

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3 Smart Things: The Hidden Lives of Liquids

1. Most substances make a clean break between their liquid and solid states. But liquid crystals straddle the boundary: They flow smoothly, like water, while maintaining a crystalline structure. A tiny jolt of electricity aligns the molecules in the same direction and allows them to rotate light—an effect you see …

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Seeking the perfect cocktail? Let science be your bartender


Your fizz lost its fizz and your sling its swing? Using network theory and a dash of psychology, New Scientist has created drinks recipes to leave you shaken and stirred The classic negroni was a useful benchmarkKirstin Kidd WHITE chocolate with caviar, salmon with liquorice, bananas with parsley. Heston Blumenthal …

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Instant Chemistry Doesn’t Mean True Love

Instant attraction isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Do you want to find true love in a more relaxed way, without all the pressure of everyone knowing that you’re “looking?” But how do you know when you’ve finally found “true love”, especially when you’re meeting so many people? True …

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Joaquín Rodríguez-López designs batteries for a sustainable energy future

Joaquín Rodríguez-López, 35ElectrochemistryUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Joaquín Rodríguez-López was jolted into the world of electrochemistry. When he realized in college that he could hook up a machine to some wires and transform chemicals into energy, he was “completely sold,” he says. Today, he’s tackling one big obstacle to expanding …

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Emily Balskus uses chemical logic to study the microbiome

Emily Balskus, 38Chemistry and microbiologyHarvard University Chemist Emily Balskus of Harvard University is out to expose the crimes and misdemeanors of microbes living in the human gut. She’s shown, for example, how a common gut bacterium interferes with a heart failure treatment: The microbe breaks down the medication before the …

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Why creating a chemical brain will be how we understand consciousness

Lee Cronin

Unorthodox chemist Lee Cronin is leading a radical quest to use chemistry to explain consciousness and create artificial life “Consciousness will never be realised in silicon – we need to create chemical brains”Robert Ormerod By Rowan Hooper WHEN Lee Cronin was 9 he was given a Sinclair ZX81 computer and …

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A new antibiotic uses sneaky tactics to kill drug-resistant superbugs

Pseudomonas aeruginosa illustration

Drug-resistant bacteria have a new challenger. A new molecule can kill deadly strains of common bacteria, such as Escherichia coli and Klebsiella pneumonia, that are resistant to most existing antibiotics. The drug works differently from currently available antibiotics, potentially making it harder for bacteria to develop resistance, researchers report September …

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Immediate Chemistry Doesn’t Guarantee a Lasting Relationship

Patience is indeed a virtue! Looking for lasting love without success? Join the crowd! Maybe we could all do with some different specs. It has often been said that love is blind, yet surely love that is likely to last through the ups and downs of life must be founded …

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