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Pentagon Studies Post-INF Weapons, Shooting Down Hypersonics « Breaking Defense

DARPA’s Project Falcon hypersonic testbed WASHINGTON: A Pentagon study on how to counter counter hypersonic missiles – which China, Russia, and the US are all developing – is in final review and will be out soon, the director of the Missile Defense Agency said today. The Analysis Of Alternatives (AOA) …

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SB>1 Revs Up In Ground Test: Expert Expects First Flight ‘In Weeks’ « Breaking Defense

WASHINGTON: Sikorsky and Boeing released video yesterday of their SB>1 Defiant helicopter in its first ground test, revving the revolutionary ultra-rigid rotor blades whose manufacturing troubles had cost the program months. But when will Defiant first take flight? While the companies declined to provide details, a leading rotary-wing expert predicted …

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Army Completes Biggest Reorg In 45 Years: Can Futures Command End Weapons Disasters? « Breaking Defense

Army Futures Command chief Gen. Mike Murray helps uncase the new colors of AFC’s Combat Capabilities Development Command (CCDC), formerly RDECOM.   WASHINGTON: Tomorrow, the Army completes its biggest reorganization since 1973. It’s a high-stakes, all-or-nothing gamble to stop wasting billions on failed weapons programs, ripping apart its sprawling acquisitions …

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Common Cyber Standards Will Steamroller Hold-Outs: DoD Officials « Breaking Defense

Dana Deasy testifies before Congress WASHINGTON: Three top cyber officials told Congress yesterday they now have the authority to crack heads together and impose common cybersecurity standards across the Defense Department. Dana Deasy, the Pentagon CIO, told the Senate Armed Services subcommittee on cybersecurity that he “absolutely” has the full …

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Army Secretary Says Talent Reform Is Top Priority For 2020 « Breaking Defense

Army Secretary Mark Esper addresses the Talent Management Task Force he created to overhaul the cumbersome, centralized military personnel bureaucracy. PENTAGON: With equipment modernization now in overdrive, Army Secretary Mark Esper is shifting his focus to the human beings that will use the new weapons. In a media roundtable Thursday …

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Bell V-280 Flies 322 MPH: Army Secretary Praises Program « Breaking Defense

WASHINGTON: Bell’s V-280 Valor prototype exceeded 280 knots this week, making good on the aircraft’s namesake speed, the company announced this afternoon. And it’ll fly faster before it’s done, a Bell executive told me in an interview. The news is the latest public triumph for Bell’s tiltrotor technology at a …

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