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Discovery’ Gets So Much More Interesting in ‘New Eden’

Deactivate your spoiler chip. The second installment of “Star Trek: Discovery’s” sophomore season, “New Eden,” picks up straight after last week’s episode as Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) shows Capt. Pike (Anson Mount) the recorded message she found in Spock’s quarters on board the USS Enterprise. It seems that …

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How well does Tesla’s autopilot detect lane-splitting motorcycles?

This story was originally published on motorcyclistonline.com. Lane-splitting is a benefit to riders all over the world, but in the United States, the privilege is currently reserved to riders in the Golden State. California-based Tesla seems to know a thing or two about motorcyclist’s unique advantage in the state, and …

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Dogs may have helped ancient Middle Easterners hunt small game

canine bones

Dogs that lived alongside Middle Eastern villagers roughly 11,500 years ago may have helped to transform how those humans hunted, researchers say. Fragmentary canine bones unearthed at Shubayqa 6, an ancient site in northeastern Jordan, date to a time when remains of hares and other small prey at the outpost …

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Why Do We Sleep? – Scientific American Blog Network

Try to explain to an alien why we sleep. Give it your best shot. “Well, we get tired. And our brain needs to rest.” “I see. So, you find another way to defend yourself during rest?” “Well …  no. Our body is paralyzed, and we lose consciousness.” There is an …

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Human or hybrid? The big debate over what a species really is

Humans once mated with Neanderthals so are we hybrids? How we see ourselves and the rest of nature is changing, raising the question of whether species even exist By Colin Barras BIOLOGY is a messy business. Witness these sage words: “It is really laughable to see what different ideas are …

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SpaceX Test Fires Rocket for 1st Crew Dragon Launch in February

SpaceX has fired up the rocket that will launch its first Dragon spacecraft built for astronauts on an uncrewed test flight next month.  The Falcon 9 rocket carrying the new spacecraft, called Crew Dragon, ignited its nine first-stage engines briefly on Thursday (Jan. 24) as it stood atop the historic Launch Pad …

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This kit can help you escape dangerous situations

In an ideal world, everyone would walk around with a ­Batman-style utility belt. When peril presents itself, we’d have grappling hooks, smoke screens, or whatever gizmos necessary to POW! our way to safety. Superhero attire probably won’t come into vogue anytime soon, but at least you can stash these instruments …

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We Need a Radical New Way to Understand Screen Use

To anyone reading this on a phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop (so, you know, basically all of you): We need to talk about how we talk about screen use. For too long the conversation’s been stuck on how much time we spend on our devices, and the effect that time …

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Male birds’ sexy songs may not advertise their brains after all

swamp sparrow

After some 20 years of theorizing, a scientist is publicly renouncing the “beautiful hypothesis” that male birds’ sexy songs could indicate the quality of their brains. Behavioral ecologist Steve Nowicki of Duke University called birdsong “unreliable” as a clue for choosy females seeking a smart mate, in a paper published …

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