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The Dinosaur Who Went out to Sea

During their grand Mesozoic heyday, dinosaurs didn’t live in the ocean. Every young aficionado on the terrible lizards knows this, quick to correct their parents or teachers should an adult mistakenly call a plesiosaur or mosasaur a dinosaur. And yet, sometimes non-avian dinosaurs are found buried in marine sediments, and …

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Behold! SpaceX’s 1st Crew Dragon Spaceship Is On the Launchpad

A crew access arm reaches toward SpaceX’s first Crew Dragon spacecraft atop its Falcon 9 rocket on Launch Pad 39A of NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida on Jan. 3, 2019 ahead of an uncrewed test flight. Credit: SpaceX The private spaceflight company SpaceX has moved its first …

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Default ringtones are boring. Here’s how to make your own notifications.

New phones come with their own default set of ringtones and notifications. But you don’t have to settle for the manufacturer’s blah buzzes and bings. Maybe you want to record a ringtone to let you know when your best friend is calling, or select a unique notification for a particular …

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What Is the Dark Side of the Moon?

Our in-house Know-It-Alls answer questions about your interactions with technology. Q: What is the “dark side” of the moon? A: The short answer? It’s a misnomer. A cool-sounding misnomer! But a misnomer. Assuming they aren’t talking about the Pink Floyd album or the French mockumentary, people who say “the dark …

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4 ways to tackle trash besides Ocean Cleanup’s broken system

Cleaning up ocean pollution is no simple task, as an effort to fish plastic out of the Pacific Ocean is revealing. In September, scientists launched a 600-meter-long boom meant to herd plastic debris from the great Pacific garbage patch into a net (SN Online: 9/7/18). The trash accumulation, which is …

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The Neuroscience of Creativity: A Q & A with Anna Abraham

What is going on in our brains when we are creating? How does our brain look different when we are engaging in art vs. science? How does the brain of genius creators differ from the rest of us? What are some of the limitations of studying the creative brain? The neuroscience …

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Hackers have leaked personal details of hundreds of German politicians

German politicians have been hacked

German politicians have been hackedRalf Hirschberger/dpa via AP By New Scientist staff and Press Association Personal data and documents on hundreds of German politicians and others have been posted online, and authorities are investigating how the information was obtained. Martina Fietz, a spokesperson for German chancellor Angela Merkel said the …

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These NASA Rocket Launches to Study Earth’s Atmosphere Are Just Gorgeous (Photos)

This time-lapse image shows the first and second stages of the Black Brant X sounding rockets for the VISIONS-2 mission launching from Ny-Ålesund, Svalbard, in Norway. Credit: Allison Stancil-Ervin/NASA NASA launched several small rockets in December 2018, resulting in gorgeous nighttime launch photos and promising interesting insight into the …

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Why some coastal regions flood more easily than others

Scientists know that sea levels have risen more in some places during the past century than in others. They’ve gone up faster along the Mid-Atlantic States, particularly near Cape Hatteras and the Chesapeake Bay, compared to north along the Gulf of Maine and south along the South Atlantic Bight. But …

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