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The Microbiome: Your Inner Ecosystem


Meet Your Microbiome
by Ricki Rusting

Section 1: How Your Microbiome Keeps You Healthy

1.1   The Ultimate Social Network

        by Jennifer Ackerman

1.2   Gut Microbiome: The Peacekeepers

        by Moises Velasquez-Manoff

1.3   How Gut Bacteria Tell Their Hosts What to Eat

        by Knvul Sheikh

1.4   How Baby’s First Microorganisms Could Be Crucial to Future Health

        by Sarah DeWeerdt

1.5   Youthful Poo Makes Aged Fish Live Longer

        by Ewen Callaway

1.6   How Your Gut Affects Your Bones

        by Ranna Samadfam

1.7   Findings from the Gut: New Insights into the Human Microbiome

        by Karen Weintraub

1.8   Does Our Microbiome Control Us or Do We Control It

        by Dina Fine Maron

1.9   The Gut’s Microbiome Changes Rapidly with Diet

        by Rachel Feltman

1.10  Heartburn Meds Alter the Gut

         by Melinda Wenner Moyer

1.11  Scientists Bust Myth That Our Bodies Have More Bacteria Than Human Cells

         by Alison Abbot

Section 2: Mind Controllers

2.1   The Tantalizing Links Between Gut Microbes and the Brain

        by Peter Andrey Smith

2.2   Gut Bacteria May Play a Role

        by Melinda Wenner Moyer

2.3   In Search of the Optimal Brain Diet

        by Bret Stetka

Section 3: Weighty Effects

3.1   Gut Reactions

        by Claudia Wallis

3.2   Metabolism in Mind

        by Roxanne Khamsi

3.3   Fiber-Famished Gut Microbes Linked to Poor Health

        by Katherine Harmon Courage

3.4   Mind over Meal: Weight-Loss Surgery and the Gut-Brain Connection

        by Bret Stetka

3.5   Artificial Sweeteners Get a Gut Check

        by Ellen Ruppel Shell

Section 4: Disease Links

4.1   Bacterial Broadband

        by Michael Eisenstein

4.2   Microbial Mystery

        by Sarah DeWeerdt

4.3   The Breast Has Its Own Microbiome

        by Knvul Sheikh

4.4   Drinking Causes Gut Microbe Imbalance Linked to Liver Disease

        by Bob Roehr

4.5   Penis Microbes Linked to Increased Risk of HIV Infection

        by Matthew Sedacca

4.6   The Surface Brigade

        by Bijal Trivedi

4.7   Good Bacteria for Bad Breath

        by Deborah Franklin

Section 5: Therapy: Microbiome to the Rescue

5.1   New Drugs May Come from Microbes in Our Guts

        by Michael Fischbach

5.2   Reseeding the Gut

        by Liam Drew

5.3   Germ Warfare

        by Maria-Luisa Alegre & Thomas F. Gajewski

5.4   A Hidden Factor in Stroke Severity: The Microbes in Your Gut

        by Jordana Cepelewicz

5.5   Drugging the Gut Microbiome

        by Ken Garber

5.6   Probiotics Are No Panacea

        by Ferris Jabr

5.7   Microbiome Engineering

        by Justin L. Sonnenburg

5.8   Machine Life

        by Timothy K. Lu & Oliver Purcell

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