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Apollo 9: The Lunar Module Flies

Apollo 9 was an Earth-orbiting mission that tested out the Apollo lunar module for the first time. The lunar module was designed to bring astronauts to the surface of the moon and NASA wanted to ensure that the spacecraft worked well in Earth orbit before testing it at the …

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Apollo 10: Lunar Landing Dress Rehearsal

The Apollo 10 lunar module Snoopy approaches the command module Charlie Brown before docking in lunar orbit. Credit: NASA The Apollo 10 mission in 1969 simulated a descent to the lunar surface. The mission’s crew of Thomas Stafford, Eugene Cernan and John Young went through the steps of separating …

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Apollo 8: First Around the Moon

Apollo 8 was the second crewed mission of the Apollo program and the first mission to bring humans to the moon. The six-day mission lifted off on Dec. 21, 1968, with its crew of Frank Borman, Jim Lovell and Bill Anders. The flight included a day orbiting the moon, …

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