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Amy Adams Thinks She’s No Longer Lois Lane & Superman Has Been “Revamped”

It’s not anything fans of the DC Universe are going to be happy to hear, but it sounds like Warner Bros., and DC Films are slowly dismantling the legacy of Zack Snyder over the DCEU. His Batman, Ben Affleck is leaving the role, his Superman, Henry Cavill looks to have walked away, and his Aquaman, Jason Momoa, seems to have ditched the original look Snyder gave him (tattoos, metal armor suit), for something goofier and more akin to the comics. Piece by piece, it seems like DC Films is disavowing themselves from Snyder’s dark, grim, mirthless tone, and replacing it with whatever new filmmakers bring to the table (James Waan for example with “Aquaman”). Now, one more old Snyder holdover seems to be leaving too: Amy Adams as Lois Lane.

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“I think I’m out of the DC Universe now,” Adams told Nicole Kidman (starring in “Aquaman”) in a segment of Variety‘s ‘Actors on Actors’ interview show (see below). “I think they’re revamping that. I don’t know the details.”

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This news certainly brings extra credence to the idea that not only is Henry Cavill is out as Superman, but DC Films, as reported is moving away from Superman and will rethink the character while they shift focus to Supergirl, and other DC Characters. In fact, Blue Beetle and Plastic Man are just two of the new characters in development over at Warners, yet another sign that the studio is looking to explore new heroes in the DC Universe while they quietly put their current caped crusader and man of steel to bed.

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Honestly, if social media is any indication, many fans are in deep denial over both Affleck and Cavill’s departure as these characters, insisting nothing is official until one of the actors says so. To be fair, last official word given WB said “no decisions have been made” regarding Henry Cavill’s future as Superman, at the same time, it feels pretty evident that Superman’s future with the DCEU has been put on hold for now. The company also did not rebut or deny the reports that said Cavill has no active contract as the character anymore, nor the fact that no “Man Of Steel” sequels are currently in development. Moreover, Cavill is now busy with Netflix’s “The Witcher” series, which if it’s the hit the streaming channel hopes, could go keep him preoccupied for years.

But with Amy Adams adding fuel to the fire that she’s done at Lois Lane, it seems rather than make any hard and fast announcements, DC Films will quietly let Superman drift off into space until they eventually reboot the character.

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