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Warner Bros. Thinks A New ‘Plastic Man’ Film Can Fill The ‘Deadpool’ Void In Your Heart

You can’t fault studios for wanting their own version of “Deadpool.” The foul-mouthed superhero is seemingly the antidote all the self-serious comic book films that seem to be released yearly. And with the future of the Merc with a Mouth in jeopardy (we’ll just have to see what happens with the Disney/Fox future), Warner Bros. thinks they may have just the thing for “Deadpool” fans to latch onto – “Plastic Man.”

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That’s right, WB is now developing a new film, “Plastic Man,” based on the popular C-list character of the same name. THR is reporting that Amanda Idoko has been tapped to write a script for the feature film that is being described as a comedic action-adventure film. For those not familiar with Plastic Man, the name is a fairly big giveaway, but the character is best known as being able to bend and stretch his body to unimaginable lengths, fighting crime as anything he can bend his body to become.

The report confirms what you might be thinking, WB is interested in preserving the comedic, and frankly, silly, take on the character from the comic books. This makes sense as the studio is obviously trying to turn around its negative stigma of producing bleak, dreary, and bad superhero films. But with “Aquaman” and, to a much greater extent, “Shazam!” clearly embracing the comedic elements of the heroes, “Plastic Man” feels like a logical next step.

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Idoko is probably not a name that you are familiar with, at this time. She’s probably best known for being a writer on the short-lived recent TV series “The Mayor.” However, she has a feature film coming out soon, titled “Breaking News in Yuba County,” which stars Allison Janney and Laura Dern.

It doesn’t appear that WB is close to hiring a filmmaker to spearhead the adaptation of “Plastic Man,” as the script is being written now. As it stands, the film joins the incredibly long list of feature films with DC superheroes the studio is in the process of adapting. This brings to mind the old saying about shit and throwing it against a wall.

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