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Jason Momoa Says “F*ck, Yeah” He Wants To See The ‘Justice League’ Snyder Cut

The existence of the so-called Snyder cut of “Justice League” (#ReleaseTheSnyderCut!) is a bone of contention among many movie fans, DC/Zack Snyder stans, etc. On one end, the #ReleaseTheSnyderCut fans and campaigners believe that a full-on cut ready to go exists locked away in a secret vault that Warner Bros. and DC Films don’t want you to see. On the other side of the argument, some pundits feel that the existence of a few pieces of storyboard art and cut frames from a final film that always edits out something does not make a secret cut stashed away somewhere. The truth is probably somewhere in between. Snyder did show a rough cut to Warner Bros. in early 2016, but then of course tragedy struck, his daughter passed away, WB hired Joss Whedon (“The Avengers”) to finish the film, and the rest is a “Justice League” film and history that no one seems to be satisfied with.

But Snyder films should be feeling emboldened on their quest to release the magical cut. Today, in a just-released interview with MTV News, Jason Momoa, who plays Aquaman in the DC Universe, and was picked as such by Snyder himself, gave credence to the now infamous SnyderCut.

Asked by MTV News if he would like to see the alleged Snyder cut and or if it even exists—or if he was “obsessed” with it— Momoa tried to be diplomatic and restrained, but the emotion in his answer soon took over.

“I’m obsessed with [the idea of the Snyder cut] too, yeah,” Momoa said calmly. Asked if he wanted to see a different version or if a different version actually exists, Momoa said, “I mean, that’s one thing that sucks in our business where you can’t speak your mind,” he said with a pause, before exclaiming, “Yeah! Fuck yeah, I want to see it.”

There’s no real follow-up or details, but consider Momoa #TeamSnyder which is hardly a surprise given that the filmmaker hired him as Aquaman in the first place. Will we ever see the cut? Does it actually exist in a form that’s salvageable and releasable without the addition of millions of dollars put back into the film, reshoots, new VFX work, etc.? It still feels extremely doubtful, but maybe Richard Donner will tell you never to say never.

Meanwhile, “Aquaman” hits theaters December 21 and you can look for our review early next week. “Justice League” the Zack Snyder cut comes out…

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