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It’s a very rare occurance, leading by example : Military

As senior enlisted, you learn real quick not to be that type of hero.

It’s not that I never sweep or take out the trash. I have a section to run, I have e-mails that need answered. The 1SG is doing a spot check of everyone’s counselings and I now need to have a talk with your squad leader about why they didn’t get theirs done this month. There are two leave request packets sitting on my desk and I need to do a quick scrub against the training calendar to make sure there’s nothing super critical going on. It’s already 1600, and the pile in my inbox isn’t going anywhere. Never mind that tasking that just came in from Garrison about sending some folks to a certain BS school…

I COULD put stuff down and go sweep. But I actually happen to know what all the people in my team are supposed to be doing. I know that one my SSGs is out on appointment, two of my SGTs are on a detail, a bunch of people doing their work, and I have three SPCs sitting around bullshitting Guess who’s gonna’ grab a broom so we can get out here?

I have a shitload to do and I was given people for the express purpose of getting shitloads of work done.


After you’ve swept? Shit, get out of here. Lunchtime rolls around and it’s going to be a slow afternoon? I’ll make you a deal: You go the ed center and enroll in a class, you get the rest of the afternoon off. There’s nothing going on here all that important. 1500 and all the work is done? Leave. Go home. Good work.

That’s the whole POINT of being a SFC. 1SG can rage against me all he/she wants about where my people are, and I can say “Where I told them to be.” If it’s not illegal or unethical, it’s going to be VERY hard to take it out on me.

Wait…. how did I end up ranting…?

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