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Damn these millennials… : Military

Lets talk about WWII’s 12million draftees out of the 15million man armed forces. and Vietnam’s 40% draft rate. Then we can talk about how when the United States called in a time of need back in 2001, AND beyond, they had to forcibly conscript exactly ZERO millennials. Not a single. fucking. one. Millennials, led by GenX have provided a 100% volunteer force for the last 17 fucking years of warfare, making the Millennial generation (which began graduating highschool in summer of 2001, and has provided over 85% of the military bodies in the Global War on Terror) the unquestionably most eager volunteer force in US history. The United States Army ass-banged and captured the capital of an entire country 2/3 the size of Texas in 21 days, shattering conquest records set by the Germans during the Blitzkrieg, squarely setting the US military (manned by millennials) as the most potent fighting force in the history of the world. Additionally the percentage of Infantrymen who actuallly fired their weapons while in direct contact with the enemy is triple that of WWII and double that of Vietnam. Old people can eat a sack of dicks.

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