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Alright, alright, alright… Evenin’, ladies and gents! I’m from r/AirForce, and last year I started a census in each of the other branches of America’s military subreddits. This year I’m crossing geopolitical boundaries and opening it up to r/Military and any country who may be perusing this sub! I’m basing your survey mostly off of the US’ other branches as far as branch lingo and unique questions, but I’m also aware y’all aren’t necessarily American and am open to feedback on how to better make this unique to y’all next year.

The link above will lead you to a google forms survey where I’ll ask all sorts of questions about you, your job, and life in general. None of the questions are mandatory unless they are built to lead you to specific sections of the survey. I don’t ask for emails or any PII (I think), and if you don’t feel comfortable answering any particular question, don’t feel pressed to do so! Leave that shit blank and move right on to the next question. Won’t hurt my feelings none.

Last note here, I’ve make a marked effort to streamline the format of this survey with those posted in the US Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard subreddits as well. Once I get ALL of the results in, I’ll make a comparison between the branches and here where I can.

  • Do I have to take this survey?

  • I’m just a random stranger on the internet. Do you always do what folk like me tell you to? Hey, since we’re on the topic, I’ve got some of the most delicious candy in my van down by the river…

  • May I submit a Freedom of Information Access (FOIA) request for the results of this climate assessment?

  • What? No. Why? Well first off fuck you, that’s why. Second, alright fine, I’m going to release the results hopefully by the 24th but we’ll see how that goes. Last year I staggered the surveys between the branches a bit, and that helped with parsing through the results one or two subs at a time. This year it’s all simultaneous, so… yeah. I plan on closing the survey Monday, December 10th.

  • Is this actually anonymous?

  • I’m not tracking your username nor google account when you submit this. On top of that, ain’t nobody got time to delve into someone else’s life when I don’t have my own shit together. You’re on your own, pal.

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