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These ‘Golden Girls’ Candles Are The Perfect Gift For Your Friends This Holiday Season

In this year filled with intense nostalgia for the ’80s and ’90s, one Etsy shop owner has proven to be a true friend. The Eternal Flame sells all different varieties of prayer-style candles featuring modern-day idols. It has a candle for everyone from Bravo’s Andy Cohen to Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. It’s the shop’s newest release in time for the holidays that has everyone talking — err, we mean, chatting over a cheesecake.

The Eternal Flame came out with a set of Golden Girls candles so you can worship at the altar of Blanche, Dorothy, Rose, and Sophia in the privacy of your own home. The candles feature beloved Golden Girls actresses Rue McClanahan, Bea Arthur, Betty White, and Estelle Getty, transformed into saints with some crafty graphic design. You can get them individually or a in set with all four. They’re adorable and the perfect gift for the Golden Girls fan in your life this holiday season!

There wasn’t a feistier, more honest group of women to light up television screens around the world than the ladies of the Golden Girls.

The Eternal Flame, an Etsy shop, is giving you a chance to let the Golden Girls light up your life yet again with its set of prayer candles that transform Miami’s loveliest ladies into literal idols.

For the fun-loving, goofy member of your group with a heart of gold, get a Rose Nylund candle featuring the unbeatable Betty White.

No one in St. Olaf will have a friend who loves you more than the friend you gift this one to!

Show your flirty, vivacious friend a little Southern-style love with a Blanche Devereaux candle featuring Rue McClanahan.

It can light up the room during a comfy girl’s night in or a nightcap with a gentleman caller.

For the no-nonsense brains of your bunch, there’s the Dorothy Zbornak candle with the unmatched Bea Arthur.

It’ll burn just as much as the one-liners the girls are constantly leveling at people.

Last but not least is the perfect candle for your storytelling buddy, the Sophia Petrillo candle featuring the wonderful Estelle Getty.

It really sets the mood for cheesecake and memories.

The candles can also come with an actual card attached that says “Thank you for being a friend,” just like the iconic theme song says.

The candles, which retail at $12.95 each or $44 for the set, are a huge hit.

They’re proving to be an awesome gift for mega fans of the timeless TV series.

Whether they’re out on the lanai or the centerpiece of your shrine to the cheesecake gods, these candles are the cutest complement to the home of any distinguished, fun-loving friend of yours.

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