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12-Year-Old Girl Is Working To Supply Pet Oxygen Masks To Fire Houses

What began as a birthday wish has turned into a mission for a 12-year-old girl. Emily Rilling of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, was looking for a charitable way to help animals to celebrate her birthday.

In doing some research, she discovered that most of her local fire stations had a shortage of pet oxygen masks. After learning more, she realized this was what she wanted to dedicate herself to. “I wanted to do something charitable for my birthday for animals and instead of money I wanted to donate kits,” Emily said.

Emily worked hard to donate kits to fire houses in her area. In each of the kits Emily donates, there are three different types of masks (in various sizes) to help all sorts of pets recover from fires. She later learned that the need wasn’t just local — it was an issue throughout all of Bucks County.

That’s when she decided to start Resus-A-Pet, a name a firefighter helped Emily come up with. So far, it has been a major success, providing 150 oxygen masks to over 75 stations in Bucks County. And she’s not done yet. Emily wants to expand her mission to providing kits to fire trucks and creating care packages for families affected by fires. She’s even reached out to see what she can do to help those affected by the California wildfires. Emily explained, “When pets and families get displaced in a fire, they need leashes, bowls, blankets. Just essential things for taking care of a dog or cat.”

Check out the video below to learn more about Resus-A-Pet, and visit its website to show your support.

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