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The Olive Ridley Sea Turtle Is Returning To Mexico’s Beaches

There are still threats, though. Climate change, ocean plastic, pollution and certain fishing tactics endanger the species. Last year, 77 million of the hatchlings made their way to oceans from the beach, but only 1 in 1,000 end up making it to adulthood. The olive ridley typically measures around two feet long in adulthood and can weigh as much as 110 pounds. But while it’s considered the most common species of sea turtle, Mexican authorities still consider it “in threat of extinction.” Reuters reported in August that hundreds of sea turtles had washed up dead on Mexican shores, and one potential cause of death was a poisonous algae bloom caused by warming waters. 

“Yes we have succeeded in increasing the number of nesting turtles, but that is not to say that this species is out of danger,” Valeria Towns, who oversees threatened species for Mexico’s National Protected Areas Commission, told The Los Angeles Times.

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