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George Soros’ Son Writes New York Times Op-Ed Calling For Civility

Alexander Soros, the son of the wealthy philanthropist George Soros, penned an op-ed in The New York Times condemning the string of bomb scares across the country this week.

On Monday afternoon, an explosive device was delivered to George Soros’ suburban home north of New York City. Someone recognized the package before it got to its intended target. They called the police and had the package detonated safely, Alexander said. But on Wednesday, another string of similar incidents began to spread in the news: explosive devices had been mailed to Barack and Michelle Obama, Hillary and Bill Clinton, a former attorney general and the Time Warner Building in New York City where CNN shoots their television show, among others. 

“While the responsibility lies with the individual or individuals who sent these lethal devices to my family home and Mr. Obama’s and Ms. Clinton’s offices, I cannot see it divorced from the new normal of political demonization that plagues us today,” Soros wrote in his op-ed. “I am under no illusion that the hatred directed at us is unique. There are too many people in the United States and around the world who have felt the force of this malign spirit. It is now all too ‘normal’ that people who speak their minds are routinely subjected to personal hostility, hateful messages on social media and death threats.”

George Soros is often the focal point of right-wing conspiracy theories and credited for any Democratic or liberal victories in the political world. Right-wing pundits and even President Donald Trump have often accused the billionaire of paying protesters to disrupt events. 

While the elder Soros is often demonized as a liberal donor and operative, his political ideology is much more moderate than most people know. He has often championed bipartisanship and hesitates to even describe himself as a Democrat. Instead, he says his motivation for donating to so many Democrats was the “extremism of the Republican party,” The New York Times reported. He’s also condemned the extreme left. 

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