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Student With Breast Cancer Graduates Top Of Her Class

She also felt compelled to share her story to show all sides beyond the “smiles and pink.” Wassman states, “I want people to see the reality … it’s hard, and I have definitely broken down a few times on my Instagram story during the thick of it,” she reveals. “But no matter what, I keep pushing through and moving forward with my life because as much as it would be nice to just stop everything and deal with breast cancer, the reality is that life keeps going around you.”

“I would want to encourage young women to be active in their breast health by making sure they do monthly exams and build those relationships with their doctors. I am so lucky that my mom taught me from a young age to do self-breast exams, because if I didn’t I may not have found my breast cancer as early as I did. It can really help with treatment and so much more.”

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