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Female Entrepreneurs Are Empowering Other Women

“Several years ago I was working for a nonprofit in Africa and met a young girl named Purity who told me that she and the other girls would stay home from school each month because they couldn’t afford to buy menstrual pads. It opened my eyes to the massive international problem of period poverty — millions of girls lack access to the period care they need and resort to using old rags, newspapers, animal dung and tree bark — all of which can cause infections and reproductive health problems,” Hayward told A Plus. So she started Cora with the aim to provide safe, organic, and trustworthy sanitary products to women all over the world, and to empower them to finish their education and to be healthy while they do it.

On top of that, Hayward wanted to provide an alternative to American women looking for a healthier product that can be delivered right to their door every month. “Additionally, we wanted to provide women with a modern method for managing their periods. We wanted to be a catalyst for social change in a scalable way that allowed women to buy socially conscious and healthy feminine products … Cora was created to represent the smart, modern, conscious woman of today, which is why Cora’s tampons are made without pesticides, synthetics, chlorine bleach, fragrances or BPA,” said Hayward.

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