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Best of Our Blogs: August 10, 2018

How much of your day is spent simply being versus doing?

I didn’t realize so much of my busy-ness was tied to my self-worth. If I wasn’t publishing something or working on a project, what was my value here on earth?

Doing nothing, come to find out, is hard work. Sitting in silence forced me to confront those voices of insecurity, self-doubt, and criticism. Keeping busy prevented me from addressing these concerns. But when I had the courage to be still, I grew more self-awareness, self-love and compassion.

Everybody needs a balance of being and doing.

As you read our top posts this week, remember to schedule downtime. See if it brings you a greater sense of well-being.

10 Common Signs of a Personality Disorder
(The Exhausted Woman) – He or she is difficult to work with or your relative is stubborn and argumentative. But does this mean they have a personality disorder? They may if they exhibit these behavioral signs.

The Narcissistic/Difficult Mother and Her Empathetic Daughter – 10 Signs You Suffer From the “Good” Daughter Syndrome
(The Good Daughter Syndrome) – If this describes your relationship with your mother, you might be suffering from “Good” daughter syndrome.

An Abusive Parent’s Response
(Full Heart, Empty Arms) – Sometimes it takes hearing someone else’s story to get it. Reading about this Oscar-winning actress may help you realize abuser’s don’t suddenly change.

The impact Of Childhood Abandonment On The Mind Of The Adult
(Psychotherapy Matters) – If a minor slight triggers a sense of abandonment, this may help.

The Role of Gaslighting in the Trauma Bond
(The Savvy Shrink) – What is gaslighting really and how does one recover from it? This post explains.

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