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EMFs in the Home with Peter Sierck of EMFRF

Do we need to be afraid of EMFs? I’ve asked this question on the podcast before, but today Peter Sierck of EMFRF.com weighs in. Peter is a consultant who uses his 30 years of experience in electromagnetic field surveys to design low EMF buildings for commercial and residential clients. His daily work involves measuring and testing EMF and RF frequencies and finding ways to reduce, direct, or shield them.

Sounds like the right person to ask! I can’t wait to hear his take on this tricky topic.

EMF-RF Shielding: Do We Need It?

With technology changing at the speed of light, it’s tough to keep up and figure out the best (and safest) ways to use it in our homes and everyday lives. The debate continues if there’s real reason to be concerned about the electromagnetic fields and radio frequencies our light bulbs, electric wiring, cell phones, computers, game stations, and now even some new “smart” appliances emit. But as this list grows, it pays to be aware.

I’ve tried things like EMF-blocking cell phone covers and laptop shields, and I’m interested to hear what Peter recommends for the rest of the house as well.

If you’ve ever worried about the health risks of cell phones, wireless routers, cell phone towers, or smart meters and wished you could get the facts without any hype, this episode is definitely for you!

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • what EMFs are and how they affect us in our daily lives
  • the difference between EMF (electromagnetic frequencies) and RF (radio frequencies)
  • why not all EMF/RFs are the same
  • the best types of meters to get an EMF reading on your house
  • what you need to know about smart meters
  • why wiring errors in your house could be a hidden health problem, and how to spot them
  • EMF/RF shielding materials and how to use them
  • the real reason you may want to turn off the video games
  • the potential problem with earthing and grounding
  • why you should spend a ton of time barefoot outside all year
  • tips for building a new home if you want to keep it EMF-safe

Resources We Mention:

Learn more about Peter Sierck and his work at EMFRF.com

For More on This Topic, See:

Have you ever felt affected by EMF “pollution”? Do you have questions we didn’t address? Let me know in a comment below, or leave me a review on iTunes. I read each and every one, and my guests often do too and might answer your questions!

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