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Wedding Gift Ideas for the Healthy Couple

Ahhh newlywed life… I loved that blissful time before our first child was born when my husband and I were newly married and sharing our first home together. I have fond memories of that time, and now I love celebrating other couples as they begin their married life together.

We’re entering wedding season, which means there are probably wedding invitations displayed on your refrigerator. So I’m sharing a list of organic and natural household items that a wellness-minded couple will love!

Wedding Gift Ideas for the Health-Minded Couple

The spouses-to-be have likely assembled their wedding registry at a few big box stores, so I won’t include the more tedious-yet-necessary items. Knowing what I know now about health, real food, and natural living, these are wedding gift ideas I wish I would have included on our registry.

For the Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and in my case, it’s where I spend most of my time. Quality kitchen tools and accessories can last a couple a lifetime.

  • Cookware – Typical non-stick cookware contains harmful chemicals that can leech into food. Consider purchasing a nice stainless steel cooking set, or my favorites, Xtrema ceramic cookware and classic Le Creuset pieces.
  • Instant Pot – One of the best kitchen appliances available, the Instant Pot can be used as a slow cooker or a pressure cooker for fast and healthy homemade meals.
  • Roasting sheet pans – I suggest having two industrial-sized roasting sheet pans on hand. They’re great for batch cooking vegetables and meat.
  • Bakeware – Much like cookware, I like gifting stoneware or cast iron bakeware. If the couple enjoys making their own healthy treats, silicone molds are fantastic.
  • Non-toxic dishes – Most mainstream dishes contain dangerous chemicals that shouldn’t touch food. A stainless steel set is a helpful wedding present.
  • Unique kitchen tools – The couple likely has various kitchen tools listed on their wedding registry. For the natural-minded couple, I like to gift bamboo utensils, a bamboo cutting board and serving board, a spiral slicer, a yogurt maker, or a dehydrator.
  • Knives – My husband got me this knife set for Christmas one year and I’ll never go back!
  • Glass electric tea kettle – Tea can be made in seconds with this amazing kettle.
  • Coffee maker – I reviewed several non-toxic coffee makers here, but I think a French press would make a great wedding gift.
  • Blender – In the battle of the blenders, the Blendtec barely came out ahead of the Vitamix. Either would be a generous wedding present.
  • Immersion blender – Another kitchen tool I use nearly every day, an immersion blender makes homemade real food soups, sauces, and side dishes faster and more convenient.
  • Food storage containers – Food storage containers are an underrated wedding gift idea! Just be sure to choose glass or stainless steel containers over plastic containers.
  • Dish towels – These are my favorite organic towels (and they’re pretty!).
  • Organic table linens – An organic tablecloth and white linen napkins are a classic way to dress up a table.
  • Barware – Fill the couple’s bar cart with wine glasses (you can find personalized ones everywhere on Etsy), a wine bottle opener, whiskey stones, a wine aerator, and a wine subscription!
  • Water Filter – Give the gift of clean water with a Berkley water filter.
  • Thrive Market Membership – For the couple dedicated to consuming a healthy diet, a Thrive Market membership marries the food quality of Whole Foods with the price of Costco and the convenience of Amazon.
  • The Good Kitchen meals – If both spouses work, it can be especially challenging to cook real food. Fill their freezer with ready-made meals from the Good Kitchen.
  • The Wellness Mama Cookbook – A shameless plug ? Cookbooks are a popular bridal shower gift, and my cookbook is full of simple, healthy meals that are ideal for anyone!

For the Home

Again, I’m trusting that the couple’s wedding registry covers the essentials like trash cans, picture frames, and a wall clock. Let’s look at some unique wedding gift ideas that focus on keeping the couple happy and healthy for years to come!

  • Organic bath towels and wash cloths – You can’t go wrong with beautiful white and organic cotton bath towels and wash cloths.
  • Non-toxic shower liner – Skip the plastic liners and gift the couple a linen shower curtain to help prevent mold and mildew.
  • Non-toxic mattress – This is a larger investment and would be a great group gift, but our sleep has forever changed since having an Intellibed mattress.
  • Organic bed linens – Organic cotton sheets and pillowcases are so soft.
  • Blackout curtains – I’m convinced that blackout curtains are a major player in getting a good night’s rest.
  • Wake-up light – Instead of waking up to a loud alarm clock, this “alarm” uses light to stir you from your sleep.
  • Blue light blocking glasses – We wear these at night while working on the computer or watching sports so that our circadian rhythms are not disrupted before bed.
  • Air purifier – Help the couple keep the air in their home clean with my favorite air purifier.
  • Essential oils and diffuser – Diffusing essential oils goes hand in hand with purifying the air. A simple essential oils starter set and a diffuser is a practical and beautifully unique wedding gift.
  • Beeswax candles – Another way to add ambiance and health benefits to the couple’s home, beeswax candles can be found on Amazon or Etsy or you can make your own.
  • Himalayan salt lamp – Salt lamps are beneficial to health and also make a great home decor piece.
  • DSLR camera – The couple needs photos to fill those photo frames! This is the camera I’ve used and loved for years.
  • Dry brush – Dry brushing boasts many benefits and these are my favorite!
  • Defender Pad – I’ve gifted newlyweds EMF-blocking shields for their computers and phones.
  • Squatty Potty – Talk about a unique wedding gift! The Squatty Potty now comes in a stylish wood design, so the gift of efficient bathroom time will seem more elegant at the bridal shower.
  • Homebiotic – Did you know that there are probiotics for the home? I explain more why this matters in this post.

Themed Wedding Gift Ideas

One of my favorite gifts to give at a bridal shower or wedding is a themed basket. These make great group gifts as well!

In-Home Date Night

If the couple is starting out or if they just paid for a wedding, expensive dinner dates might not be in the budget for a while. Assemble a “date night in” basket for them with goodies like Dry Farm wine, the Melt massage course, a favorite board game, a Q&A a Day for Couples book, and organic dark chocolate. Of course, giving them gift cards to some of their favorite restaurants is a great way to send the happy couple out on the town!


Planning a wedding is a lot of work, and the newlyweds will probably be exhausted afterward. A self-care themed gift basket is a great way to help them rest once the festivities have ended. Include things like organic cotton robes, a Myobuddy massager, and relaxing bath bombs. To help them get quality sleep while they recover, throw in some magnesium oil, sleep masks, and an acupressure sleep induction mat.


Does the couple you’re celebrating love adventure? A camping gift basket is perfect. I like to include Four Sigmatic coffee, Paleo Valley beef sticks, a Hydroflask water bottle, PhatFudge, and a hammock. You could even give them a gift certificate to a nearby camp site for a weekend away together!

Coffee and Tea

Another fun themed gift is a coffee and tea basket. A French press or Chemex, Four Sigmatic coffee, Pique Tea, a frothing tool, and non-toxic coffee mugs are the perfect gift for a couple who loves their morning brew!

Green Cleaning

Stock the newlyweds’ cleaning closet with safe and natural cleaning supplies! This might seem like a “boring” wedding gift idea, but let’s be honest, we would all appreciate this! Branch Basics has natural and eco-friendly cleaning solutions. I like to include microfiber cloths for cleaning surfaces, and a couple of scrub brushes like this one and this one for dishes. You could even gift the couple a quality vacuum.


A collection of supplements is one of the most health-minded wedding gift ideas. Ideas include probiotics, magnesium oil, a quality vitamin C powder, and collagen powder.

A Gift That Gives Back

I’m always looking for ways to give experiences instead of material gifts. One meaningful way to celebrate the a newly married couple is to donate to a charity on their behalf. Is there a charity that the couple loves? Or you could look through the the Food for the Poor gift catalog and send anything from a bicycle to a water pump to a goat to baby chicks to rice to a family in need. Another option in to get a Lucky Iron Fish. Each iron fish purchased sends one to another family somewhere in the world. They can put it in any food they cook and it helps protect against iron deficiency. One fish can protect a family from iron deficiency for an entire year!

What was one of the best wedding gifts you have received or have given someone else?

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