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Ireland v Spain | 2018 Women’s World Cup | HIGHLIGHTS

Check out all the action from Ireland v Spain at the Women’s World Cup, in London, United Kingdom

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Set up in 1924, the FIH is recognised by the International Olympic Committee, as well as by the FIH’s Members and the Continental Federations, as the sole ultimate governing body for the sport of Hockey throughout the world.



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  1. Irl and nl in the final wow

  2. best of luck tornmentr bautiful gril .love from pakistan

  3. Surprised how few views this event  has.

  4. hockey at lowest standard😞😞😞

  5. Just can't stop watching this,wow

  6. I hope green shirts will losee …

  7. Great job Ireland, you ladies have made history for our Country.
    You are such fun and an inspiration for all of us.
    Best of luck today, you are already heroes before you take the pitch.
    Enjoy the experience 🇮🇪🇮🇪

  8. Ireland are looking strong
    They have high chances of winning the world cup

  9. That is awesome!! well done the Irish girls!!

  10. Ireland i love ye ist ever world cup final in any sport

  11. Great day for ireland girls into world cup final and shane ryan won a bronze medal at the european championships.

  12. even though I m an Indian… that gave me goosebumps

  13. Ireland's first ever world cup final💚

  14. Brilliant girls, bring it home. Irish sporting teams never cease to amaze with their never say die and 100% commitment

  15. I wish it showed the misses too zzz

  16. Is it possible to put the whole shootout on YouTube? Because I really want to see the saves and other goals.

  17. Congrats Ireland! Amazing match! And also congrats Spain, they gave everything in the match. Both teams could be in the final next championship.

  18. Well done girls! Best of luck against the Dutch.

  19. What a sick finish by that Spanish beure

  20. Brilliant,
    Well done to all 👍🇮🇪🏑👊

  21. Best of luck to Ireland , love from India, hope you girls win the final

  22. Team like Ireland Spain Argentina r not much skilled … Winning just because of their better goal keeping

  23. Spanish tactics in sports: do the tiki taka

  24. a fairytale story for "YOU IRISH" disappointed English interviewer and a bit on the racist side ,come on girls bring it home from Dublin 🍀💚💪🙏🏆

  25. The one dislike is a salty Spanish lad

  26. Mientras Carolina Marín siga ganando , los demás deportes me dan un poco igual :v

  27. Best wishes for the final from India

  28. i watched the whole Ireland vs Holland game I feel bad for them

  29. congratulation Ireland first time Final World Qualify, Love from Pakistan

  30. Brilliant team- happy team- well done Ireland …put hockey on map.