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osu! World Cup 2018 | Semifinals recap!

osu! World Cup Livestream:
OWC 2018 wiki:

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And don’t worry, we’ve of course talked with Junihuhn about also uploading these videos 🙂

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osu! is a free to play online rhythm game, which you can use as a rhythm trainer online with lots of gameplay music!

osu! has online rankings, multiplayer and boasts a community with over 500,000 active users!

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  1. 13:55 Спасибо деду за победу

  2. Это наш братан – Красный_Пиксель

  3. Idke, toy, vax and fiery in one team, yeah sure

  4. 12:50 On the last map they were arguing what map to pick so idke or vaxei gets MVP. Good choice.

  5. owc is pretty boring this year i know USA will just sweep it so i dont even bother to watch the whole thing anymore

  6. When Domesday carrys UK but Azer dose not carry Canada.

  7. I just have the feeling the japan is missing some rrytui in roster

  8. Please keep these recaps coming! I've been super busy with finals so I cant watch them live

  9. me @ 1:45 "Since when is Ding by Seeed in osu!?"

  10. Cookiezi | Ice vs. Morimori Atsushi – RE:UNION -Duo Blade Against – [Alliance] HDHR FC 98.79% 641pp|

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