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Overwatch World Cup Thailand 2018 – Day 2


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  1. لو شاركنا كان جبنا الاول بس خليناها للكفار عشان مايصيحو ☺

  2. 中国队牛逼!!刚从现场回来~看得我热血沸腾!!你行我也行!!中国队加油

  3. I just watched day 2 in real life and there was a lot of screaming xd

  4. hope GUXUE can enter OWL


  6. Yeah, I'm pretty sure day 2 didn't start at 3-0 game standing. Replace the monkeys you have operating YouTube uploads. The production on this group stage has really been sub-par compared to the previous ones.

  7. Jake is so good at casting lol. He even goes too fast sometimes.

  8. Thought of fun gameode Arcade: disable heros each player gets to disable a Hero and then fight like a normal overwatch match.

  9. 어제부터 영상이 왜이럼? 혹시 조횟수 올리려고 이렇게해논거임?

  10. 5:26:23 the commentator had a seizure I guess? ??

  11. Hey Blizzard every time in emote as baby dva her gun is in her chest

  12. Say, what's that there to the left of the screen at 1:10:43? ?

  13. 中国队牛逼!!!

  14. Why Thailand ? Where is thailand in the video?

  15. China deserve the world champion. They deserve it even last year in 2017. I was expecting to see China beat Korean in 2017 World Cup but the stupid American visa officer ruined everything. Hope that will not happen again this year. Go for the world champion China.

  16. Wtf junkrat is in a T model XD 1:04:20 (slow it down to 0.25)

  17. brig looking meta lol

  18. why not use snillo? just answer that plz ;-;

  19. oh man i missed mica hosting!
    "friendly neighborhood host" mica isn't that mariel's intro?

  20. I hope china go to match SK and feel depressed ^&

  21. What's the point of a 9-hour video without time tags for the specific matches? Impossible to watch it this way unless you want to sit through the whole 9 hours. Please add timestamps in the description or edit down the matches into multiple videos.

  22. Bren & Sideshow are gifts from heaven

  23. I really wished GGG won plus I really thought he did win tonight. But hey, I respect Canelo too, so… win-win for me.