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Australia vs Spain | Overwatch World Cup 2018 Thailand Qualifier Day 1

This Overwatch gameplay highlights the best moments between Team Australia versus Team Spain from Day 1 of the 2018 Overwatch World Cup Group Stage Qualifier.

The Overwatch World Cup 2018 features the best players from all over the world, including Dallas Fuel’s Taimou, NYXL’s Saebyeolbe, JjoNak, Libero, London Spitfire’s Fury, and Team Canada’s XQC among others.

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  2. Some say that CKM is a budget AKM
    and that he really isnt
    all we know is his AKM Australian Cousin

  3. Hoping HarryHook would play some DPS this world cup. He's pretty nutty

  4. Why would they give Australia Green/Yellow Skins?

  5. hey just wanted to say thanks for making these i really appreciate it 🙂

  6. australia's tanks and healers are really good, shame about the dps

  7. Losing to a country that doesn't exist LUL

  8. joder que mal lo ha hecho españa

  9. Put Neptuno in against Popi and let HarryHook play soldier.

  10. cheers for Junkrat and Roadhog!!

  11. Remember when Australia had a diamond in their team omegalul

  12. Any of these players in who could get into OWL?

  13. Shame this meta encourages to bring 3 tanks or 3 healers. HarryHook never had a chance to play as DPS.

  14. Australia's d.va was just too good

  15. that popifresh is actually garbage af

  16. Y did spain have a brig every mach like if it didnt work first then change

  17. If they had Muselk insta win kappa

  18. I want these skins so badly :c

  19. Support Harry hook or custa ??

  20. Punk is overwatch league worthy.

  21. Trill and punk are a owl tier tank duo

  22. Why is Australia green….? Am I the only one bothered by this?

  23. No jodas España.
    Era para ganar.