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The Great Wall Has Stood For Centuries Thanks To Sticky Rice

Totaling more than 13,000 miles in length, the Great Wall of China continues to astound and awe visitors with its ancient defensive architecture. Boasting a 2,300-year-old history, the wall was built to prevent invasion from the Mongols and protect the Silk Road Trade. Thousands died during its construction; many remain …

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Disney Has a Code and Procedure for Vacuuming Ashes

The urban legend that some people have scattered the ashes of their loved ones at the Disney World and Disneyland parks is actually much truer than we think—and it happens so often that the employees have a specific code word for it! If you’ve ever been casually walking down Main …

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The Abita Mystery House is a Collection of the Strange and Bizarre

Watch the episode for a full interview with John Preble! Welcome to the Abita Mystery House From voodoo and vampires to swamps and Spears (Britney, that is) Louisiana has its fair share of oddities. Tucked away in Abita Springs, this Mystery House takes the king cake! The Abita Mystery House …

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Intense Feats At The Phuket Vegetarian Festival

Each October in Thailand, the town of Phuket transforms to become an epicenter of zealous excitement and fervor. The Vegetarian Festival is celebrated in different ways throughout Asia and is meant to mark the return of the nine emperor gods. People attend vigils at shrines and abstain from meat for …

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India’s Twin Town: The Mystery of Kodinhi

There are some places in the world that just take everything science thinks it knows and shreds that rule-book to pieces. One such place is a small, unprepossessing village in India, which boasts a birth-rate of twins so high it borders on the impossible! On the surface, there’s nothing remarkable …

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The Most Dangerous Festival In The World: Onbashira

Once every six years, thousands of people gather in the Suwa region to chop, ride, and raise massive 50-foot logs during Japan’s Onbashira Festival—an ancient Shinto tradition that’s been taking place for more than 1,200 years! Onbashira, or Sacred Pillars, is a two-month-long event to replace the sacred pillars at …

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